Non Conventional Threats


Modi's Return to Power: Consequences for Pakistan

The results of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 prove the growing popularity of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)......

    Ashir Wilson


The Indo-Pak rivalry has been the most important security concern of the region.

    Syed Ghulam Raza


The recent listing of the Hindutva outfits known as Bajrang Dal and VHP by the Central Intelligence Agency as Religious Militant Groups has sent shockwaves across India....

    Jawad Falak

The US Deterrence Folly

On Feb 2, Pentagon released the new US administration Nuclear Posture Review (NPR). The NPR demands a new role be given to nuclear....

Non Conventional Threats

A new era, new world, new approach

An old saying probably fits here perfectly, “War. War never changes”. The same might hold true in its most fundamental and quintessential implications for the future of warfare. The US has traditionally..

    Abdul Qadeer
Non Conventional Threats

Karachi - Countering Violent Extremism

Violent extremism is a complex phenomenon and it is usually synonymous with the terms religious radicalism and terrorism. Violent Extremism is taken in the different context in different societies..

    Firasat Rizwana Siddiqui
Non Conventional Threats

Indian Spying: Kulbhushan Jadhav's Case

Spying has been an essential and amoral part of warfare since the military history, while its scope has kept evolving with the dynamic nature of security, warfare and politics. In a world, filled with the voices....

    Saddam Shah
Non Conventional Threats

How Far Has the National Action Plan Been Implemented?

Terrorism is a global phenomenon today. No other country has underwent immensely at the hands of Terrorism as Pakistan. Since 2001, more than 70 000 innocent lives have been lost due to various acts of terrorism....

    Javeria Khalid
Non Conventional Threat

A Chaotic Neighborhood

Karachi has long been considered a jewel in the proverbial crown of the State of Pakistan. Though it may not possess the magisterial allure of Lahore or the eccentric sights of the northern cities, it has a charm that no other city in the country can lay a similar claim to....

    Ousama Khurshid Khan